Ratchet VonGearmacher


Concept: “Exceptionally Cheery Mad Scientist”
Trouble: “Explosions Seem to Follow Me…”

Technician (good) “Obsessed with Inventions”
+4 Craft, Notice
+3 Burglary, Drive, Science, Resources

Miner (fair) “Steely Gaze”
+3 Investigate
+2 Athletics, Empathy, Physique, Provoke

Mouse (average) “Family Ties”
+1 Deceive, Rapport, Shoot, Stealth

-Portable Toolkit (+1 to Crafts to “Create an Advantage” or “Overcome Mechanical Barriers”)
-Newest Invention (2 Stunts worth of Equipment)
-Constantly Innovating (Use Crafts to change configuration of “Newest Invention” stunt; Costs 1 Fate Point)

Refresh: 2
Physical Stress Boxes: 5
Mental Stress Boxes: 4
Player: Gideon


Ratchet VonGearmacher

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